SUNO Design: What Happens When You’re Sick and Tired of the Ordinary

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Suno Dress is a women’s luxury brand, a lifestyle label that offers a smorgasbord of amazing aesthetics like you’ve never seen before. With a Kenyan inspiration the sprung from a post-election violence, there is something rebellious and radical about this brand that aims to go beyond the boundaries of conventional fashion. The design principle of the brand is captured in its quality craftsmanship, unique design, and effortless functionality.

SUNO Design Philosophy

Every garment that is created in the NYC studio of the label represents a philosophy of confidence and individuality. The company works with numerous artisans around the world and this even adds to its already eccentric and eclectic aesthetics. The artists that work for the label sketch, sew, and bead in the studio, all the while breathing life into each and every beautiful collection.


SUNO Craftsmanship

There are two main places where the label is given birth every waking day. The clothing collections are primarily produced in the Garment District in NYC and in India. There are also small batches of garments that were imported from other parts of the world including Italy, Kenya, and Romania.

To maintain their level of uniqueness and eccentricity, SUNO works with local artisans and crafts people located in every corner of the world, creating optimistic and fresh collections. The amazing brand takes pride in its unique textures, bold prints, and embroideries that are layered together in order to create a brighter and more contemporary wardrobe collection. The design aesthetics of the label targets independent and confident women.

Fashion for Today’s Women

SUNO is a brand that identifies and connects with women who are not afraid to be unique and stand out in the crowd. Dubbed as the fashion with a conscious, the label conducts workshops around the world with numerous partners in order to uphold its commitment to helping women in their aim to support their families. The workshops are conscientiously conducted with the goal of enhancing the economic conditions of participating women and make a difference in their lives.


The Influence on Influential Women

The label is not just your ordinary RTW brand because it is highly preferred by some of the most renowned names in America. The NYC-based luxury women’s lifestyle brand is becoming a staple in most fashion wardrobe here and abroad. Well-known and influential names in different industries support and promote the SUNO brand with the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama. Hollywood stars were also spotted wearing the label’s countless colorful, bold, and refreshing collections such as Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Christy Turlington. What make the brand unique are not just its aesthetic and the plethora of famous names that endorse the label. The company is committed to corporate responsibility and empowering women in any way possible.

Discover beautiful things, beautifully made with SUNO. Bold prints, color palettes, embroideries, beadings, and other well-crafted designs are vividly highlighted in every piece of garment in its collection. The fashion with a conscience is definitely making it big in the world of fashion today!